Safest Countries in Africa: Top Picks for Security and Peace

Why Even Consider Africa for Safety and Peace?

Let’s face it, when you hear safest places on Earth, Africa might not be the first continent that pops into your mind, right? But hang on a sec, because there’s more to Africa than what often meets the eye—or what the media usually feeds us.

Africa, brimming with 54 unique countries, is incredibly diverse not just in culture but also in terms of stability and safety. So, if you’re looking for somewhere new to explore, or maybe even relocate to, you might want to consider what I like to call Africa’s hidden gems of peace and security.

Exploring the Tranquil Terrains: Where to Find Peace in Africa

1. Mauritius: The Island of Serene Beaches

Ever dreamed of getting lost on a peaceful island with mesmerizing beaches and welcoming smiles all around? Mauritius is that dream come to life. This island nation isn’t just about stunning seascapes; it consistently ranks top for safety and rule of law in Africa. Whether you’re sipping on a fresh coconut by the beach or exploring the local markets, the sense of security here is palpable. And let’s not forget the political stability which is a rare gem in itself!

2. Botswana: Diamonds and Democracy

Who said diamonds are just a girl’s best friend? In Botswana, they’re also the friends of the economy and political stability. Botswana is a beacon of democracy and good governance in Africa. The country has had uninterrupted democratic elections since independence in 1966. Safety isn’t just about low crime rates, which Botswana proudly boasts, but also about political stability, providing a reassuring sense of security for both locals and visitors.

3. Ghana: The Star of West Africa

Ghana is shining bright, and not just metaphorically! Known for its captivating history, vibrant cultural festivals, and the warmth of its people, Ghana also shines in terms of peace and safety. Did you know that according to the Global Peace Index, Ghana is one of the most peaceful countries in Africa? Education and economic growth have brought prosperity and stability, making it an ideal spot for those considering Africa.

4. Rwanda: From Ashes to Remarkable Safety

If there’s any country that has turned around dramatically, it’s Rwanda. From the devastating genocide in 1994, Rwanda has rebuilt itself into one of the safest countries on the continent. Today, walking through Kigali at night is considered as safe as a stroll through a park in broad daylight in some more famed ‘safe havens.’ What’s more, Rwanda’s government has focussed heavily on anti-corruption, which speaks volumes about its governance.

5. Namibia: Where the Desert Meets Safety

Ever wonder what a country with one of the lowest population densities in the world would feel like? Namibia offers you exactly that, plus a large side of safety! With vast and enchanting landscapes from sand dunes to coastal desert, exploring nature comes with a rare kind of peace. Plus, Namibia’s commitment to law and order ensures that you can enjoy its natural beauty worry-free.

Is Africa’s Safety Just a Beautiful Mirage?

It’s easy to paint an entire continent with one broad stroke and label it as ‘unsafe’. But remember, every country has areas that are less secure than others, regardless of the continent. The key? Getting to know the quiet achievers, the peaceful paradises away from the headlines. Africa’s safest countries not only debunk common misconceptions; they invite you to experience security, culture, and beauty in ways you might have never considered.

Are you ready to rethink what you thought you knew about Africa and perhaps plan a visit or even a move? Sometimes, stepping out of our comfort zones leads us to the most beautiful discoveries. And, who knows? One of these countries might just surprise you with the calm you’ve been searching for.

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