African Safari Destinations

Welcome to Imara Africa Safaris, your entryway to remarkable African Safari Destinations. Our painstakingly created Safari Destinations In Africa permit you to investigate the continent’s most pristine and different scenes. Set out on a thrilling excursion through Tanzania’s breathtaking Public Parks, where you’ll experience the notorious Large Five and other fascinating untamed life. Drench yourself in Africa’s rich culture and regular miracles on our arranged African Vacation Destinations. Whether you are looking for experience, untamed life experiences, or a peaceful getaway, our safaris guarantee an encounter.

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Our East African Countries & Destinations

Want to see Africa’s most popular and iconic destinations? Or perhaps you are more interested in the remote retreats and hidden gems. Whatever your travel needs and wishes are, our Africa Safari Experts will tailor-make your dream vacation. Browse our recommended countries and let us guide you on where to go in Africa.

Encounter Africa's gentle giants from your front-row seats.


Imara Africa Safaris offers you a wholesome and wide-range into the wonders of Africa’s amazing diverse nature, wildlife, history and cultural heritage. An Africa Safari arranged by Imara Africa is lifetime experience.


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