Mount Kenya


Mount Kenya is the highest peak in Kenya and the second highest peak on the continent of Africa. If you’re looking for a trip that is filled with challenge and adventure, with wonderful landscapes and vistas across Africa, this is the trip for you.

This route for the ascent of the mountain is the driest of the options, making the trek a little easier. Alongside you most of the way will be the epic Gorges Valley, offering nearly impossible shades of green below.

By taking this route, you get to traverse the whole mountain, ascending one side and descending via different track. The descent offers stunning views as you cross forest tracks, as well as walk through grasslands and next to wonderful lakes. The highest point of the ascent is Point Lenana at 4,985 m.

Your trek will cover forests, moorlands, rocky trails, and even icy outcrops. Mount Kenya is an extinct volcano, formed nearly 3 million years ago and now plays host to diverse ecosystems ready for you to discover on this challenging hike.

When you book with us, your tour is private and your guide is dedicated solely to you and your party’s well-being. This tour can be added on to the end of a safari tour package to give the trip a deeper sense of adventure.



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Mount Kenya, Kenya


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