Travelling to Kenya and Tanzania during COVID pandemic

As the Covid pandemic continues to spread across the World, Travel has been complicated by the lack of factual and available information when one is planning to travel.  A lot of unverified information is available online and mostly one would get confused by different sources of information recommending totally different sets of instructions. To help out with this we would like to share our personal experiences as a safari company based in Kenya and Tanzania. These are recommendations based on our guest safari experiences on arrival in Kenya and Tanzania and also while crossing the borders between both countries.


Flying into Tanzania during the Covid pandemic has been one of the easiest experiences as concerns travel in this Covid era. Tanzania does not require a PCR test and the only check required at the Kilimanjaro or Dar Es Salaam airport is a temperature check.

To depart back to your home country after safari, there are no general requirements in Tanzania for departure, however your next destination determines what you need upon departure, If your next destination require you to have a PCR test, then you need one before boarding the airline upon departure.

Kilimanjaro Airport Arusha Tanzania
Kilimanjaro Airport Arusha Tanzania


For Travel to Kenya, you need a PCR test taken at least 96 hours before arrival in Kenya. Upon arrival in Kenya you will need to generate a QR code that is filled Online and upon arrival at the airport, you will need to fill in another set of Health Surveillance documents before getting through to immigration. Once you have filled this requirement and had your temperature check then you are free to proceed to the migration desk for entry into Kenya.

For departure, the next destination determines your requirement for departure, if entry into the next destination requires a PCR test then you will need to get one before departure.

Kenya Airways & Kenya Railways Covid Protocols
Kenya Airways & Kenya Railways Covid Protocols – Image By Kenya Airways



Flights into both Kenya and Tanzania require you maintain a high level of personal protection in the flight at all times. This involves having a mask and face shield at all times during the flight. Upon arrival in Tanzania however there is a laissez faire approach by the general population and this involves personal protection. At first encounters you will notice most don’t have a mask.
However at the lodges and camps in the Hotels, you will notice the staff will maintain the personal protection i.e Masks, Water points with soap and Sanitizers. There is also social distancing at the lodges and a heightened level of


In Kenya the government has made personal protection mandatory and punishable by law. Therefore everyone is obliged to maintain social distance and have a mask on at all times. At the safari lodges, camps and hotels, the same applies and there is social distancing in the restaurants and all members of staff are required to have a mask at all instances. This also applies to the travelers.

Safari Protocols at Governors Camp - Image By Governors Camp Masai Mara, Kenya
Safari Protocols at Governors Camp – Image By Governors Camp Masai Mara, Kenya


If you are looking to combine Kenya and Tanzania on your safari, we would like to throw in some shade as regards Travel between both Countries. Our advice would be if you are planning to visit both Countries, book your inbound flight into Kenya and outbound flight from Tanzania. Crossing from Kenya to Tanzania, you will need a valid PCR test Negative results that are within 14 Days. To cross from Tanzania into Kenya or fly into Kenya, you will need a 96 Hour valid PCR test. Its therefore easier to fly into Kenya and within the 14 Days window, cross over to Tanzania and continue with your safari in Tanzania ending either in Arusha or Zanzibar. You can get international flights out of either Zanzibar, dare Es Salaam or Arusha.



AMREF – 55 USD  (Results Out in about 12 Hours)

NAIROBI WEST HOSPITAL – 60 USD (Open 24 Hours and results back in 24 Hours)


MOUNT MERU HOSPITAL – 100 USD ( Results out in 72 Hours)

SELLIAN HOSPITAL – 100 USD (Results Out in 72 Hours)


MAZIZINI TESTING CENTER  – 80 USD (Results in 48 – 72 Hours)

LUMUMBA TESTING CENTER – 80 USD (Results in 48 – 72 Hours)


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